Culinary Conga Video Intro and Pilot

In the 1950's the best chefs from all over the world were summoned to the small island paradise called Cuba. Tropical Island specialties inspired by the Spanish cuisine then followed French and Italian cuisines which combined created Cuban food. Since I was a little boy my passion for Cuban food was insatiable. When food was cooked in our homes the men in the family would drink rum and talk sports. I would stay in the kitchen with the women of my family that all brought their unique magical touch family recipes to life.

My grandfather Alfonso started a food empire in Cuba. My mother Rosa's father, Esteban, had orange and sugar crops and raised all kinds of animals for food on his 100 acre ranch in Cienega de Zapata Cuba. Both of my grandfathers embedded in my mind the knowledge that from the ground to the plate everything you do has to be of the highest standard. As a young man I traversed the globe in search of satisfying an insatiable appetite for fine Cuban and Italian foods. I had the great fortune of dining in the best restaurants and meeting the best Executive Chefs in the world.

This vast heritage and exposure to the finest foods has developed my palate. My beautiful wife Ana who is an “ Extra Ordinary Chef ” also inspired my skills! I consider myself a Gifted Food Aficionado and as one of the executive chefs in our restaurant we are training an entire new breed of hardworking young people ready to serve you. In the coming months our restaurant will be transformed into a destination location where our customers come to experience the finest Cuban foods in a casual environment that will transport them to Cuba without the Airfare! In my new cooking show Culinary Conga by the Cuban Colonel you will be inspired to take part in creating these Culinary Masterpieces.

View my Video Pilot.